Daniel Wright Edit

Daniel Christopher Wright is the main protagonist in the book series, Divided We Fall. He plays football, rides bulls in rodeos, listens to country music, attends parties, and has a girlfriend, JoBell Linder. In the Idaho National Guard, he held the rank of Private First Class. Danny never thought he'd be the man to end the United States of America.

Personality Edit

Daniel Wright is a responsible and loving son to his mother who suffers anxiety attacks. He is patriotic, honorable and truthful.

Biography Edit

Pre-Battle of Boise

Daniel was born somewhere around 2004, to Mr. Wright and Kelly Wright. His father was KIA in Afghanistan when he was just eight years old. Danny was good friends with Bill Mann in the third and fourth grades. They used to play Army with toy guns. During freshman year, he used to get into a lot of fights. The moment he turned 17, Danny joins the tthjtrIdaho division of the Army National Guard, but spent two months at Ford Leonard Wood down in Missouri for basic training, achieving the rank of Private First Class and an marksmanship award.

Battle of Boise

Wright gets a mobilization call from Staff Sergeant Meyers and sent to Boise to help maintain the peace between protestors and proponents of the Federal ID Card Act. Danny is hit by a rock and accidentally discharges his weapon, causing other Guardsmen to open fire, killing several protestors. Meyers and Kemp get into an argument about who fired the first shot, until Danny confesses that he fired the first shot. The Guard soldiers are visited by General McNabb and Governor Montaine. When President Rodriguez demands that Gov. Montaine turn over the names of the soldiers involved and begin enforcing the new federal ID-card law, a standoff ensues. The conservative governor vows to resist a federal government grown too big and will nullify the new law. Since nullification means insurrection according to Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution, federal troops are called in, and the crisis escalates.