Stan Brenner is the Interim President of Montana, after the state secedes from the union.


Brenner delivers a speech to the citizens of Montana, addressing them after consulting with members of the state legislature and the leadership of the Montana Air and Army National Guards, they see federal military aggression near their regions as an unacceptable danger. Brenner decrees that Montana is a free and independent nation, severing all political ties with the Unites States of America thanks to Montana's military. Brenner has signed a mutual defense pact with the Republic of Idaho and nation of Wyoming to fight against federal tyranny.

Brenner gives these rules to the United States:

-Montana has no desire to use or possess nuclear weapons

-Permission is granted for unarmed U.S. aircraft to secure nuclear missile silos

-The U.S. is allowed one platoon-sized element to occupy each of those facilities and allow flights to rotate and resupply those soldiers

-Any redeployment of those soldiers to other locations within the sovereign countries will be considered an act of war.