Tony Stein Edit

Anthony "Tony" Stein was a Idaho National Guardsmen who was involved in the Battle of Boise massacre.

Tony Stein
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First Divided We Fall Book 1
Second Book 1: Chapter 12
Third Age: 20
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Fourth Status: Unknown

Biography Edit

Nothing is known about Stein except that he was born in Coeur d' Alene and rose to the rank of Specialist in the Idaho National Guard.

Stein was present at the riot near the Boise Capital Building when Danny's gun went off. After the incident, Stein explains to his superiors that there was more than one person shooting from the crowd.

A few days later, The President sent several FBI agents to arrest the Guardsmen responsible for the incident. In Chapter 12, a news reporter proclaim that Stein was arrested and moved to a detention faculty in DC. His current status is unknown.